Architectural & Structural Design

We are specialized  in Architectural Design of all types of buildings as per Nepalese Building Bye-Laws, VAASTU consideration etc. Our team can design latest modern architecture, contemporary Nepalese Architecture or as per clients design requirement, fully functional, maximum utilization of available space, green building for our client.

We have successfully completed design of many types of buildings and we are here to provide you with all your building design needs.

As Nepal laws in Zone V, with maximum seismic vulnerability, we have team of structural engineers who design safe and sound structure of your dream projects as per latest Nepal building codes. They use latest Structural analysis and design software to model and analyze all type of structures whether RCC or Steel Structures making safe and sound earthquake resistant building for you.

  • VAASTU Consideration
  • Modern Safe and Sound Structure
  • Nepal Building Bye-Laws
House in Green Hill City, Mulpani